06 May 2006

TODAY is Free Comic Book Day

To find a participating store near you, check out the Free Comic Book Day site. It's just what it sounds like.

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  1. Ha! My country is not listed! The nearest store would be overseas!


  2. Just bopping by to see that you're still at it... And may I say I love your new(?) header - your own photos, I'm sure!

    Rarity - new meaning: rarely there...

  3. I missed it. Damn.

    Hey, nice new header!

  4. Fitena: Doh! Maybe next year.

    Rarity: hey, good to see you. And thanks, the new header is very new- just put it on in the wee hours of this morning or late late last night depending on your pov. Yes, the photos are all mine.

    Kapgar: yeah, I know, I missed it too. I didn't come across the link until late afternoon and the closest stores to me were all about an hour away.

  5. Kevin: p.s. your kind words in your spotlight the other day motivated me to go ahead and do the new header last night, so thanks!