11 May 2006

Mom's day's a-comin'

Honestly, I didn't think this matte configuration would be that hard to find. Oh, I did find two versions of it, but they had the worst frames ever. One had a large wood frame, fairly traditional, but painted silver. The other was what I can only imagine was an attempt at 'rustic' with a boxy rough wood frame painted a disturbing beige-green-grey, with a matte of the same color in a corrugated texture.

As for the rest of the multi-picture frames, I'm so tired of seeing squares, ovals, and openings the size of a postage stamp. Oh hubris, how you've led me to exasperation; I wrongly thought this year's Mother's Day gift would be a breeze. I'm starting to think I should just get my mom another book of Sudoku puzzles.

Or maybe I should just frame the shot that feels like the perfect gift to come from my brother; I know she loves that photo of him. Hmm...

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  1. Or maybe you could just say you've decided to celebrate Mother's day like they do in Norway, and ours is in February, which will leave you plenty of time ;)

  2. I have four or five unused Sudoku books lying around if you wanna save some cash. ;-)

  3. Scholiast: I think I'd have to move to Norway for that to work. Now that's an idea! ;)

    Kevin: Tempting, very tempting. Alas time is too short, USPS being what it is. Maybe next time. ;)

  4. this is why i have so many unframed pics. . .

    i am sure she will love whatever you end up giving her!

  5. Sizz: Exactly. I blogged a whole saga last fall about getting 2 pics enlarged, and they're still sitting around unframed because they isn't a standard matte size to accompany them.

    And thanks, I know she will. I just want it to be worthy of it, y'know? Anyway, I've got a lead on an idea so I should get to it while she's out.