29 May 2006

Marching into heat exhaustion

Each year without fail, Memorial Day makes me think of band and the parade we were forced to march in. If you're new to TTaT or missed the tale last year, it's here.

Considering it's over 80 degrees (27 C) and sunny today, I'm most thankful to be sitting here in shorts in a shady room instead of outside in a wool suit.

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  1. I say, put on the maroon suit for old times sake!

  2. Neil: Thankfully, it was never something I owned. Part of the process each year was trying to get first dibs on digging through the closet of uniforms to find pants and a jacket that would fit. I'm not even sure they ever dry-cleaned them either.

  3. You've just brought back a terrible memory.

    1976, the Bicentennial. My high school marching band was invited to the Philadelphia July 4th parade. Very big deal. President Carter was there.

    It was over 90 and we were marching in our wool uniforms. I can definitely relate.

    I believe they got a "summer" uniform of cotton pants and staff shirts the year after I graduated.

  4. Also--first think my mom did at the beginning of band season was have my uniform dry cleaned.

  5. Julia: You're giving me more to be thankful for- at least we only had to do one parade. And schools always get cooler stuff the year after you graduate- seems to be a law of nature.

    Your mom scores points though.