10 May 2006


Next Tuesday at 9PM on UPN, they are showing the first episode from season 2 of Veronica Mars- the only one I missed this season.

If you've missed the greatness that is Veronica Mars, next week is the time to jump on board. There's even time still to rent or buy season one so you'll know all the background.

Without getting spoilery for anyone who hasn't seen the final episode yet, I'll just say it completely rocked. I had a few things figured out, but there were still many surprises (which had been set up throughout the season) that I never saw coming.

The CW, are you listening? Sign those fine folks on for season THREE! I want more VERONICA MARS!!!



  1. My TiVo didn't pick up the finale of VM, so I'm going to have to get it on Sunday night when it's re-aired.

  2. Kevin: omg, that's terrible. Bad TiVo! I'm glad for you they do the encore presentation bit.

  3. For freaking ever I have been wanting to watch Veronica Mars, but up here Seson 1 didn't come on until the Summer of last year, and they weren't going to show them all, etc. I figured I'd just rent it, but when to find the time?

    Anyway, the first disc (Season 1 Episodes 1-4) just arrived from Canflix in the mail yesterday, and my sister and I have already watched them twice. We are so happy.

    I'm going to have to write about this soon, but I wanted to share with someone I knew (sort of) who knew.

    The similarities to Buffy are obvious, even though it's a different show, but I started calling Wallace Black Xander in Episode 1, which got shortened to Blander.

    I don't know if anyone likes that, but it killed us.

    Sadly, there is only one copy of VM in my entire city, so Canflix is going to take awhile. I may just break down and rent the whole season, as I am already jonesing like crazy!

  4. Hyperion: VM is great stuff indeed.

    They weren't going to show them all? That's just no good, there are clues for the season-long mystery in every ep.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  5. Veronica Mars update: I just finished a marathon to end Season 1. I am so discombobulated I can hardly stand it. Logan is such a jerk, and yet when he and VM finally kissed I was jumping up and down.

    So excited was I that I forgot the #1 rule of TV: Characters cannot be happy, or the drama doesn't work.

    The last two episodes about ripped my heart out, and even though the tone shifted to more melodrama, I thought it was handled pretty well. Plus, I loved these characters so much I'd follow them to West Beverly High if I had to.

    The last two seconds of final episode just about drove me crazy! Which one??????

    I'm hoping hoping hoping they show Season 2 up here this summer. If not, I don't know how I can stand it.

    Almost as vexing: I have no one to talk to about it! I have commanded my sisters to watch, but it seems unlikely this will happen any time soon.


    Still, what a great day to watch ten VM episodes.

  6. Hyperion: The series is interwoven amazingly well. In some respects, it plays better when you can watch several eps in a row to keep track of the larger arc mystery.

    Season 2 will be out on DVD no later than this fall from what I've read.