22 May 2006

Close call

I was in the middle of some research when I heard:

Tap, tap, tap.

Hmm, I wonder what mom or dad is doing. I scanned down the page I was on and flipped to the next. I guess it could be a door knock, but it doesn't sound like the front door. If they were trying to get my attention, they'd also call my name.

Tap, tap, tap.

Maybe it is someone knocking, but if it is the door, mom or dad would get it anyway. The garage door hasn't gone up yet.

That's when I remembered their car was parked outside, so they were probably already gone. I walked into my bathroom to peer through the 2nd story window to see if anyone was at the door. Two men were walking down the steps towards the driveway. There was still time to catch them, but they didn't look like servicemen of any kind, and I didn't recognize them.

I went to another window and saw them walking up the street. I ducked back so I wouldn't be seen and then eased forward to get a better look at them. One was a clean-cut man wearing slacks with a dark suit jacket, carrying a black briefcase. The other was a younger man wearing slacks and a grey sweater with a patterned stripe across his chest; he held a book in his left hand, a chunky black book if you know what I mean.

I resumed my research.



  1. Oh joy. Gotta love those door-to-door evangelists.

  2. lol! My dad once trashed one of them. The door was unlocked *our fault* the guy had the nerve to come in and make himself comfortable in the living room. My dad almost had an attack when he saw him!


  3. My dad used to invite them in and try to convert them to atheism.

    It got tiresome after a while.

  4. Kevin: Or not. ;)

    Fitena: I would've freaked too. They really are everywhere, aren't they?

    Julia: I've spent my share of time with religious folks giving me the hard sell, so I can imagine how fruitless your dad's efforts were in those instances.

    Sizz: Absolutely. Of course later on I was thinking in this day and age, there was no good reason for me to open the door to them at all.

  5. Go Jesus!

    I once knew a girl who often enjoyed stripping naked to answer the door for evangelists.

    I've never been that brave, but I thought it was hilarious.

  6. Michele: I'm sure she made an impression.