26 May 2006


Barbecue: it's a strange word. Growing up, I thought it only applied to foods prepared with barbecue sauce, but with continued exposure, even I have started to use it to refer to cookouts and grilling. Perhaps in time, I will even refer to the grill itself as a barbecue. "Throw some shrimp on the barby," eh?

Still, it seems strange that barbecuing can occur independently of the use of barbecue sauces or rubs.

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  1. I, too, believed that barbecue had to have barbecue sauce. And the think, reddish-brown sauce that turns black when you cook it.

    A trip in the south convinced me that other people had different (and delicious) ideas about barbecue.

  2. I use the words "grill" and "barbeque" interchangably. I've never really thought about it until reading your post. Interesting... I wonder if it's a regional thing...

    The Sasquatch and I did steaks on a little grill at a state park on Monday. Damn, it was good.