31 December 2005

Page-a-day's end

I have found my page-a-day "Wild words from wild women" mostly irritating this year. It's both the stacks of paper squares that accumulate that I should just recycle and the fact that I didn't care for most of the quotes. Still, it became part of my daily routine. Wake up, tear page, scoff, and then put it back on my bedside table without knocking over my glass of water. I may actually miss it (for a couple days).


  1. I realized this week that I have three tear off calendars in my apartment that I stopped using sometime over the summer. Depending on which one you read, it's either June 10, July 11, or August 15 today.

    New Year's resolution: buy fewer calendars...

  2. :) When I got my stuff from storage, I found one from 2002 with a few months left.