26 May 2017

Life of Art SitRep #380 A more reflective week

I started the week (in this case, the Friday to Thursday week I chronicle here) watching more of Photoshop Week on Creative Live:
How to Work Faster in Adobe® Photoshop® CC with Chris Knight

How to Shoot and Composite Levitating Objects with Bret Malley

Creating Fantasy Landscapes with Bret Malley

Urban Landscape Post-Processing Techniques with Serge Ramelli

Also watched Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards—Chase Jarvis interview.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Samsung Galaxy S8 OtterBox Cases at Rocklawn Arts (will post next Tue.)

Culled 19 photographs from last week's shoot.

Rated images in 4 folders from last year.

Looked through images considering what to work on next.

How was your week?

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