11 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #352 New Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes

Following through on the new photograph I added last week, I created a Red Lion Amaryllis Cards & Wrapping Supplies collection.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Red Lion Amaryllis Flower photograph and New Red Lion Amaryllis Cards & Wrapping Supplies Collection (posting next Tuesday I think).

Culled 145 photographs and 6 videos I'd shot the previous week.

Figured out a few more things with dlvr.it which posts some things to @RocklawnArts for me.

Did a bit of work on a painted stripes design when I remembered I had a Christmas stripe pattern I'd made this summer I really needed to add to my shop.

Wrote description for Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes and added it to select items in my shop:

Oh good grief. Zazzle has been rolling out new product pages which have finally started getting to me, so I've relearned a number of things this week as I was working. However, they don't currently have the easy to share blog friendly code, so I have to make these links by hand. You can see all of the Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes products here.

Check out the collection of Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes products.

Rearranged collections, moved xmas, holiday stuff to top of my store's home page.

Remade Flowering Rhubarb postcard with black background.

Added new labels, card, stamps, stickers to Red and Green Geometric Pattern Christmas Cards collection.

Added new stripe designs to Christmas Wrapping Supplies collection which you can see above.

Updated LOA and links files for new stripes pattern.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

10 years ago on TTaT: Thumbs up!

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