06 August 2016

Proper BearWatch Success!

Driving home after dinner, we took the back way to see the animals. Not everyone was out, but I saw two pygmy goats, The Black & The Blonde (labs), a horse, and, oh yeah, a FRICKIN' BEAR!

It was a young black bear crossing the road in front of the car. For a second, I thought it was a really big dog, but as soon as the driver said, "Bear!" I knew he was right. Since the sun was still out, this was the best bear sighting I've had this year. As soon as the bear got to the other side of the street, it disappeared into the undergrowth. We weren't far from where I live, so I will keep an eye out for this young one.

2016 BearWatch totals to date:
Real bears: 1 massive black bear, and 1 young bear (in August! I've never seen 1 this late before.)
Dream bears: 3 black bears, 19 polar bears
Bear sculptures: 2 (this was the 2nd), probably more than 2 since April actually.

11 years ago on TTaT: 3 waggers

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