08 June 2015

Manners FTW

Last week I bought some new tires. I got paranoid after reading in a number of places that you should change your tires after 10 years even if they don't show wear. Some tire manufacturers specify 6 years. My tires were over 12 years old.

Tip: you can see when your tires were manufactured by looking at the sidewall and reading the string of numbers after DOT. I think of it as Date Of Tire. The last four digits in that string of numbers are what you're looking for. The first two numbers are the week and the second two are the year.

Finding where to get tires was a bit of a saga and I think I couldn't gotten a better deal, so after they were installed (another saga) I was ready to be done. But when I looked at the invoice it read in red, "WARNING: Lug nuts/bolts must be checked and retorqued immediately after the first 25 miles of use."


I called to make sure they weren't going to charge me more (they weren't) and to see if they were busy today. "It'll take two seconds. Come any time," he said.

When I walked in, there was a good looking guy I hadn't seen before behind the counter. Longish short black hair, lean, maybe 30, sleeves rolled up, a tattoo on his forearm peeking out. He looked more like a mechanic than the heavyset older guy I dealt with last week.

"How can I help you?"

"I bought tires last week and had them installed, and the receipt said I should get the lug nuts...," I lifted the invoice to find the right phrase.

"You need your lug nuts retorqued."


"I'll be back in a minute," he said. He slipped out the side door to the car bays.

I waited at the counter not sure if he'd need my keys or my receipt.

He opened the front door behind me holding a long tool and said, "Which one's yours, Miss?"

Damn, that's kinda hot. I've never been one of those women horrified to be called "ma'am." I just view it as respectful. Which is how it struck me when Kyle called me "Miss" despite my old cargo pants and untucked long sleeve t-shirt.

Respect is hot.

"Uh, the Corolla," I answered, pointing behind him.

For future reference, getting your lug nuts/bolts checked and retorqued merely involves pulling your hubcaps off and cranking your lug nuts tighter. The tool he used was long to make a good lever and had ratcheting action. I'll probably never be able to get them off and hopefully won't ever need to.

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