11 March 2015

Things That Go Thump In The Night

A large shadow reflection swept past the glass of the picture frame. BAROOM! The thick compressed snow and ice that had reached out almost three feet past the roof line (an unexpected quirk of the new metal roof) came down with a crash. The ground shook.

I hoped most of it would come down before I went to bed.

Just as I was falling asleep, CRACK! The sound of ice splintering on impact with the deck. That revved up my heart's pumping.

The night was punctuated with sporadic thunks to the back of the house and thumps to the front.

Here's hoping the rest of it comes down today before I go to bed.

4 years ago on TTaT: Life of Art SitRep #57 Red and Blue


  1. It loves to time itself that way, doesn't it?

    1. It certainly does. I am soooo tired today. But it got up to 50 with some blue sky so I'll take it. Still quite a bit left on the roof though.