03 September 2014

Scott and Bailey

My latest recommendation for a female driven mystery series is Scott and Bailey.

It'll date me to say so but I think of it as a present day, British Cagney & Lacey. And I mean that as a compliment. The benefit of Scott and Bailey having first aired in 2011 is that the writing is more nuanced than I remember it being ~25 years ago for C&L.

As much as I loved Cagney and Lacey, their characters sometimes felt like they were trying to cover the whole of women's existences between the two of them. Scott and Bailey feel like two very specific women and have a different dynamic than C&L did. And their boss is a unique woman also which is cool.

Though the show is a police procedural, it spends more time showing us Scott and Bailey's personal lives than typical crime shows do.

The first season is only 6 episodes long, so it's easy to get through in a few days if you borrow it from the library. Looks like it's also on Hulu and I originally saw the DVD set at Costco.

Strong, smart, flawed female detectives. It's a good ride.

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