12 September 2014

Life of Art SitRep #240 Wrong tool for the job, argh

Anyone know of a good tutorial for making a whole year calendar template in Photoshop? Or have any suggestions? I know Photoshop is the wrong tool for the job, but it's what I've got. I've made some headway, but I'm fairly early on and still game for suggestions.

I confess in past years, I partook of the kindness of other zazzle folk who shared their calendar templates for others' commercial use. There was a set put up this year, but there was a small but noticeable date error. I sent them a note figuring it'd be an easy fix for them from their original layered files but never heard anything back and never saw any updates. It probably would be easier to fix myself even without a psd file than it is to create a new one from scratch. Worth considering.

I was just hoping to create a template I could update each year without too much hassle after I got it set up initially. Hmm.

Shot 82 photographs, mostly flowers.

Finished adding my photographs and designs to the new iPhone 6 Slim Cases, iPhone 6 Wood Cases, Samsung Galaxy S5 Wood Cases, and Wood Coasters:
Navy Gingham Pattern on Wood Coaster
Navy Gingham Pattern on Wood Coaster by RocklawnArts
Check out Classic Wood Coasters online at zazzle

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Wood Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Wood iPhone 6 Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New iPhone 6 Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, and New Wood Coasters at Rocklawn Arts!

How was your week?

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