16 April 2014


When I woke up this morning, the light spilling through the tabs at the tops of my curtains was very bright.

By the quality and brightness of the light on my ceiling, I can usually gauge what the sky looks like.

Clear, blue, I thought to myself today. But it's a lot brighter than that which is weird. How could it be brighter than a clear blue sky?

I had my answer as soon as I pulled open the curtain by my bed: the ground is totally covered by snow which makes the sun reflect much brighter. I was right about the sky though, it is clear blue today.

In other hilarity, I pulled my car out of the garage yesterday because it was pouring rain and my car really needed a bath. Last night, I heard sleet or freezing rain plinking the windows and thought of my car, but I was really tired and hoped it would just melt in the warmness of day.

Alas, it has not yet gotten above freezing. I reckon my car is still snugged in under a blanket of snow.

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