25 October 2012

Life of Art SitRep #142 Full steam ahead!

So it seems when I have a week nearly free of interruptions, I get a lot done. Go figure. I wonder how I can get regular life to be more like that. I suspect delicate communication will be involved while setting as yet to be determined boundaries.

But for now, here's how the week went:

I finished adding a new line of Mini Messenger Bags to my shop.

Created a new Light Blue and White Gingham Pattern and product line:

Started working on a xmas lights photograph but wasn't quite getting what I wanted from it so decided to pick it up the following day. Realized I'd be better off taking a new shot with certain elements in mind, so I zagged and made two digital designs instead.

Created Red and Green Polka Dots on White and Red Polka Dots on White designs and products.

Also made 5 new templates.

Updated my Rocklawn Arts lens to include smartphone cases, Christmas and holiday cards.

Posted 63 products to promotional blogs.

Read Popular Photography Oct. '12 issue.

Rearranged my store a bit to improve and simplify navigation.

Blogged wall decals.

Watched day 1 of Creative LIVE in NYC. A free rewatch should be airing right now and day 2 starts on Friday at 10 AM ET here. It's seminar style with 4 sessions on different topics each day. Very cool!

Feels good to have a productive week during which I was able to finish some time consuming projects. How did yours go?

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