23 May 2011


As per usual, the techs introduced themselves with their first names. Doctors are always doctors, presumably to cement their authority and responsibility, but everyone else is Jim or Judy or, in this case, Mike.

I was lying on a table with my feet just outside of a large ring, like a vertical donut.

Mike was standing to my left, explaining a few things, when he asked, "Are you scared?"

Immediately I said, "No," and thought, What the hell kind of question is that? Then my incredulity and offense wore off as I considered that some people might be scared, so I added, "I've had MRIs before, this is nothing."

(Days later it occurred to me that people might be scared of the results they might get, but I'm fairly sure that's not what Mike meant since techs don't share results.)

The CT machine was only about two feet deep and the circular opening was large, so it didn't feel at all claustrophobic like the long narrow tube of an MRI machine. Besides, it's Science in action; curiosity often wins out.

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