25 March 2011

Life of Art SitRep #59 Human sponge

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
Hindered would be a good way to describe this past week, but where progress was impeded I substituted education. (Lest I seem overly virtuous, there was also a lot of Veronica Mars, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, some Wonderfalls, movies and stray tv.)

This week, I

  • Shot 10 photographs of a bear in the backyard! Not my best but more on that to come.

  • Watched nearly all of day 1 of Bambi Cantrell on Creative Live and all of Days 2 & 3. Great info!

  • Listened to GoingPro podcasts #32-34.

  • Watched "Copyright and the New Economy: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists" panel discussion.

  • Watched "Embellishing the Pentatonic Scale."

  • Sent thanks DMs to new twitter followers.

  • *******
    How are your pursuits going?

    A year ago on TTaT: Final winter exhibits

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    1. "Copyright and the New Economy" sounds like highly relevant but not exactly fascinating stuff unless you're a lawyer. Extra points for that one.

    2. Let me tell you that one was not short either. I totally accept your bonus points. :)