15 March 2011

The hoops there are many

Before I left the office I told her that the only day this week I couldn't have an appointment was Wednesday because I have jury duty. I saw her write it down. All I had to do was wait for her to call with the date and time once she'd set it up. Naturally when she left a message with the time, it was for the one day I was certain I couldn't do it.

I double-checked the jury site just to be sure but I'd already postponed it the maximum they allow.

So I called her back and explained and she said she would reschedule it when the scheduling department was open again the next day. That was Thursday.

Monday night, I got a message confirming my appointment on Wednesday. The person who answered had enough sense to tell them I needed to reschedule and got a number.

Apparently the scheduling office is open much later than I'd been lead to believe. Granted when I called, no one picked up and I was basically unintentionally eavesdropping on office chat.

Figured I'd call back the next day, today, Tuesday.

Technically, you can call after 3 PM the day before you're called for jury duty to see if you have to show up. My group number was quite low so I didn't have great hopes of getting out of it. I should've waited until 3.

I called the scheduling department and spoke with Doreen who assured me I should always call them directly since the medical assistants are terrible about scheduling for people. She was delightful.

I rescheduled my appointment for the next earliest day in mid April, the same day I had another appointment to go over the results. So then I had to call the office and reschedule that appointment which pushed it to late April.

About 10 after 3, I called the jury line only to find out they cancelled jury duty for *everyone* tomorrow. Figures!

After sharing my frustration for a few minutes, I psyched myself up to call everyone back.

Fran at scheduling was awesome and though she couldn't get my appointment back for tomorrow she got me one on Friday. So apparently mid April was not the next earliest appointment? Or perhaps she just scheduled me with someone else which is fine. Or maybe someone else cancelled their appointment. Whatever, right?

That left calling the office to reschedule my appointment to get my results. I spoke to the same woman I'd rescheduled with earlier today, the less friendly one, and she didn't quite understand and shunted me off to the medical assistant who wasn't in her office anyway. I hung up, called back and got the friendly receptionist, completely botched my explanation to the point of being unable to talk at first but ultimately conveyed that I hoped for an earlier appointment.

I heard her conferring with the other receptionist. "Jen already looked for you, right? And there wasn't anything."

I asked her to check the date of my original appointment and lo and behold it was still open.

So, basically back to status quo now. GGRRRRR!!!! I really hate phones and jury duty notices that mess with your schedule for no. fucking. reason. Grr.

Deep breath.

Thanks, needed to get that out of my system. I totally deserve a treat now.

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