24 April 2009

Out looking for distraction

I mailed a couple bill payments and then stopped by the store with the friendly owner looking for distraction. The store had been rearranged some since I'd last been in 5 months ago. I'd stopped by in February but it was closed. This time the door was wide open to let in the lovely, sunny low 60s air.

A blonde with thick, short, straight hair was behind the counter in its new position. Not who I was looking for as far as I could recall. A few 12ish year old girls, a younger boy, and presumably a mother were spiraling around various displays. The girls discussed what to buy next with enthusiasm.

I gave the store a cursory survey with an eye for Mother's Day options and postcards. None of the lawn sculptures grabbed me and the handmade jewelry was sure to be more expensive than I could swing. There was a small rack of art postcards for the area but they were $2 each, a bit pricey for an excuse to visit.

As I walked out the door, the blonde said, "Thanks for stopping by."

"Thanks," I said.

I stopped by my car and picked up the books for the library. As I approached the building on foot, I noticed the head of the library exiting a side door. He walked down the ramp towards the sidewalk and I was relieved when he veered off without seeing me.

I paused in the foyer scanning notices while getting a glimpse of who was working the desk. It was someone I knew.

As I stepped up, she said, "Well, hello, madame."

"Hey." I handed her the bag of books with the note. There was a brief moment of eye contact, but I broke it off. Usually I would stay and chat for a few minutes, but I didn't want to explain what's been going on with my brother. I don't know anything definitive at this point anyway. "See ya," I said.

"Bye, Claire."

As I stepped back into the foyer, I heard the cute guy who works there emerge from the back office. Oh well, I thought to myself.

On my way back to my car, I picked up lottery tickets and walked the long way through town. As I turned into the parking lot where the store I'd visited was, I saw the blonde clerk sitting on the front steps with a glamorous (at least from 30+ feet) brunette wearing a great white and blue geometric dress--quite likely the owner I'd been hoping to chat with. They were talking and enjoying the sun.

If I'd parked in that lot, I would've been in proximity to exchange hellos with them, but I'd actually consciously decided not to park there for reasons that no longer made any sense to me.

I cut across the far side of the lot to get to the one with my car. I just didn't have it in me to walk over and interrupt them to say hi.

By the time it occurred to me that I could compliment the dress wearer, I was a few feet from my car and it would've required a hugely obvious backtracking.

So now--amongst other things--I could use some distraction from my social ineptitude.

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