25 February 2009

Now she's a superhero

You must watch Ellen's video of the day today. Or if you're reading this later, go to the video gallery and select "How to Catch a Criminal With a Wedgie!" (I couldn't find a direct link for it.)

Yvonne's got some serious courage and determination. I would not have gone to the lengths she did; I would've been too scared. Being scared isn't always a bad thing. In my experience, self defense instructors advocate avoiding confrontation whenever possible. Still, her story bolsters my spirit.

Last week, I finally got around to seeing Iron Man on DVD. I enjoyed it but did not find it worthy of all the hype it got last summer. Mostly it made me think, Where are all the women? By which I mean female superheroes.

I know filmmakers are working from source material for all these superhero movies, but I would've loved to have seen Iron Man with the genders reversed. I think it would've given the scene on the balcony with Tony and Pepper when she refers to all his womanizing and says it's fine a lot more interesting layers.

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  1. It would be fun to see more women super hero movies. I bet movie houses are afraid to make them - they probably think they wouldn't earn any profit.

  2. Well, Elektra and Catwoman didn't help the cause. Mostly the most known superhero comic books are dominated by male characters though.