19 February 2009

Moustacheslut '87

As much as I'd like to participate in beardwhore09, I don't have the goods. However, I remembered that I could very well be a contender for moustacheslut87. As likely the only nominee, I love my chances.

I'd hoped to find better pictures, but profiles were the best I could find.

Uncle Steve, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Nick
Uncle CharlieSeriously though, I rocked that moustache.

Brandon, Vahid: back in 1987, it's fucking on! There can be only one!


  1. sad to say, but in 1989 i had a real moustache as a high school sophomore.

    i wish there only HAD been one. ugh.

  2. ooh, pictures! or ahem, PROVE IT!

    I don't think anyone in my class pulled off a moustache until junior or senior year. Well done, sir.

  3. You beat me. I hadn't even started puberty yet in '87.

    If you ever want a rematch, you know where to find me (although I should point out I'm shearing this thing off on April 26th).

  4. When you shave it, can you do me a favor and take a pic of yourself with just a moustache? And then either post or send a copy to me?

    I've always liked moustaches and get a kick out of seeing how they look on people.