19 February 2009

I am a Rock Immortal

Well, I passed the 8 song challenge to get on the Rolling Stone Rock Immortal List in Rock Band 2 at a medium level of difficulty on guitar.

What's perhaps more noteworthy is that for the first time since I got the game at xmas, I made it all the way through a song with no mistakes. (A song I'd never played before, woo!) In the game, this is known as FLAWLESS. Usually just after the moment I consciously notice that I'm doing well and might get through the song without any errors, I trip up. C'est la vie.

Same thing often happens to me when I play DDR. The announcer dude saying, "100 Combo," used to ensure a misstep within the next five arrows. I bet it's a brain hemisphere thing. To play well in either game, I need to connect scrolling symbols on screen to physical actions without really thinking about it. Recognizing that it's going well accesses another part of my brain which can easily throw me out of the zone.

Here's to staying in the zone!

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