22 January 2009

Sleep mode

I wrote this Sunday, but had to shelve it a few days while blogger was being wonky. (My feed reader was out of commission too, so I'm a couple days behind on my reading.)

Upon reaching my deadline last week, my brain shut off. Where I had been motivated and driven, I now find it hard to wake up. So easily my brain shifts to sleep mode, a luxurious hibernation. This really bummed me out yesterday, so I focused on a few mundane things I could accomplish: shaving my legs, some much needed cleaning. Later on I read another section of a huge archaeology book I started a year and half ago or so, and yet later I started rereading a book I'd been thinking of in recent months for inspiration, one that assures me that a short story can in fact be really short and still worth publishing.

I was kind of dreading the idea that I always have to have a deadline to move forward, but today I think I'm allowed a chance to recharge, to seek out that which inspires me and to be open to that which might. Exposure to the new is also good.

About a year ago, I read Eve Ensler's The Good Body, but only today got around to listening to her reading and talk concerning it at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. So good. The recording is a few years old, but it's available for free on iTunes. Just search "Eve Ensler" and it will come up under the name, "92Y: Eve Ensler."

There's a lot of good stuff for free on iTunes, well worth a browse.

Now I think I'll read another section of my archaeology book.

What do you do to recharge? What inspires you? Motivates you?

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  1. This is embarrassing, but: reading the bios of successful writers and other artists. I get jealous and start doing stuff and finally stop playing Scramble on Facebook.

  2. No need to be embarrassed, whatever motivates you is good. Thank you for sharing!