09 July 2008

I need better role models

In the moment the waitress sets down your pizzas, one with clearly misplaced branches of broccoli and the other at least half-right at first glance but with something like peppers on it that you didn't ask for, what do you say with grace and class to convey the error?

What do you say if it took a fair while to get the wrongly-topped pizzas, and you're really hungry and in no mood to wait for them to start over from scratch?

A year ago on TTaT: Boom then Shine


  1. If I was hungry and had waited, I would have mentioned it was not what we ordered but that we would eat it because we are STARVING and our hands don't look as appetizing as something covered in cheese.

    And then hope she'd give us a discount because it took so long and it was wrong.

    I think that's called passive aggressive? Or like confrontational passive aggressiveness.

  2. Tell them you'll eat them but you want a discount. Or you want them for free!

  3. sizzle: I think it depends on your tone. It could also be deflecting confrontation with humor. But if you go too light with your delivery, you might not get the discount.

    kilax: ah, easier said than done- at least in my case. I think I need to see someone else do it first so I can see how it turns out.