29 April 2006

The order of a series

Has anyone ever recommended a book series to you? Maybe they told you what the first book in the series was, but after that you were stuck scanning publishing dates in the library catalog. No more!

Kent District Library has you covered with their What's Next search function. It pretty much rocks. You can search by author, title, or series name, and the results will list the whole series in order. If you just search by author and she's written more than one series, each series will be identified and grouped in order. Enjoy!

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  1. OMG, Claire, I think that may be the coolest thing I've heard of rcently. As a total library geek, and avid reader, especially of space opera, where the titles tend to be similar, this could save me a world of grief.

  2. I'm glad somebody else thinks it's as cool. Enjoy.

  3. Excellent! I just checked the listing on my favourite Pratchett books, they were all there :) (This is especially handy as I sort books alphabetically and chronologically - this way I don't how to look up the issue date every time the kids have dumped all the books from the shelf..