05 April 2006

Nickerblog's Mystery Hotel

Shane's Mystery Hotel photo has inspired a creative writing meme. Here's my stab at it.
"Earl, pull your sleeves down, wouldja?"

Earl scowled at Sandy and said, "It's too hot in here."

"Well, you look like a damn fool," Sandy explained while focusing the lens of the camera.

"You shoulda taken this picture in January then," Earl argued.

"Why? You weren't a damn fool back then?" Sandy retorted. He had always had a knack for setting off his older brother. Earl fumed and strode across the room; Sandy retreated behind the camera for protection.

Pops pulled his pipe out of his mouth, looked at his sons, and interrupted Earl's angry mutterings, "Enough! They'll be comin' in any time now." Earl stopped and turned back. "Just take the damn picture, Sandy," Pops ordered.

"I've almost got it, Pops," Sandy assured. He lowered a tripod leg to make the camera level.

"I don't see why we have to take this picture now anyway," Earl grumbled, "I've got work to do."

Sandy looked at him patiently and said, "If we don't do it now, we won't have another chance to record things the way they are."

"It's not how they'll be tomorrow, so there's no point in hanging onto it," Earl countered.

Pops mused, "Just 'cuz we're closing don't mean this place ain't a part of our history. That's worth hanging onto." Sandy looked at his father and nodded appreciatively. Pops resumed, addressing Sandy, "Earl ain't wrong though. You've got to get the rest of those chairs downstairs before the movers come, so let's get this done."

Pops put his pipe back in his mouth, and the room was quiet except for the wood floor creaking beneath Sandy's feet as he got into position and the crackle of the flash.

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  1. I've read a few of these on Shane's site and I really need to try one out. Maybe this weekend.

    Not as though I don't have enough creative writing planned already for next week.

  2. It'll be a good warm-up for ya.

  3. Pretty sweet story! I have way too much to do, but do you mind if I try it out?

  4. That was great! Now if I were an english professor it would be a great writing exercise for students. I'd give your story an A!

  5. Hyperion: Sure, it's open to anyone. Just trackback or leave a comment with your story's link at Nickerblog. He's compiling a list of them all in an entry there.

    Girlgoyle: Thanks! It's always good to have something to bring my GPA up. ;) Be sure to read some others over at Nickerblog. There's some mighty good versions linked over there.