06 September 2005

The Wedge

With most of the dinners at Bugaboo Creek Steak House, you get a choice of salad: garden, Caesar, or the Bugaboo wedge salad which had a specialty mark next to it on the menu.

Do not be fooled. The Bugaboo wedge salad is a quarter of a head of iceberg lettuce with bacon bits and diced tomato. No wonder it's not pictured on the menu. Our waiter made choosing the salad dressing for it sound real special and was undaunted by my you've-got-to-be-kidding eyebrow raise. I got the garden salad.

Overall, a good meal, but I prefer dining with less dead or fake-dead things on the walls (particularly ones that talk). The Canadian Cheese Spinach Dip was excellent though.


  1. I think I'd like a Bugaboo salad, if you'd only add some ruccula and bluecheese and walnuts and vinegar and ...

    Oh, then it's no longer Bugaboo, you say? Well, in that case, forget it!

  2. I don't even have anything against the ingredients of their wedge salad (I'm quite fond of bacon bits), but to pay the same for it as a salad with more diverse and expensive ingredients... nope.