02 September 2005

Progress and non-progress

Well, since I mentioned my intent to drink 24 oz. of milk a day, I've managed a grand total of about 30 oz. over three weeks, so that's been a total bust. A tall glass of milk as a chocolate chaser used to be just the thing, but no more. With cereal it's ok, but on its own, it just seems funky now.

The same thing happened when I came home from college on my first break. I didn't know what type of milk my Mom bought, so I started drinking 2% at school. After a few months of that, the full-fat milk my Mom stocked tasted rank. Maybe all these years of drinking water has biased my palette... or maybe I just need to eat richer chocolate.

On the progress front, the snake desensitization is going well. I still fully expect to yelp like a little girl and sprint away if I see one in the yard, but I'm not having strong physical stress reactions if I see one on tv. Though this is significant progress, I can't help but think I'm just adding more snake imagery to my phobia library when I don't look away. I suppose the point is to give that library another name, but I'm just not ready to throw snakes in with the rest of nature.


  1. same thing happened to me. when i went to FSU, i bought 2% because it tasted fine and it was better for me. i got used to it and then went home and had whole milk... well, let's just say that every time after that, i had my mom get me 2% for my visit.

  2. whole milk, thank you, I was completely blanking on what it's called this afternoon.

  3. Can something taste "thick"?

    Whole milk just tastes THICK.

    And not the good thick.

  4. AJ, absolutely. As a kid I thought skim milk was repulsive, but I'm actually reconsidering it now.

    You're also right that there's good thick, like milkshakes and smoothies. Sigh, I so miss the Juice Fountain in hollywood. They have the best smoothies ever.

  5. gah! milk bad!


    i stopped drinking milk when i noticed that tori got an extremely bad diaper rash any time that i drank milk. i've switched to soy milk just to enjoy cereal occasionally (i missed my cheerios!).


  6. Bradley! So nice to see you here. Your link has pretty well talked me out of milk (I never could've managed 24 oz. every day anyway), but I still have calcium concerns because I'm not partial to most dark greens. Sure you can supplement with vitamins, Viactiv, and the like, but I've read it's better to get vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

    As for Soy milk... don't you find it a bit gritty? I tried going dairy-free for a while once, but found myself really hungry all the time. And the pseudo-cheese was truly terrible.