05 September 2005


Last night, I was actually looking forward to working out today. I was going to get back on the bike, watch Ellen start the new season; it was going to feel good to put the body in motion even if I didn't push it too hard. But now with tennis and Jerry Lewis, Ellen isn't airing today, and I feel the cold hand of the kibosh on my motivation. I should find something else to watch on this tv marathon-laden Labor Day and do it anyway, but I'm just not feeling it. I hadn't anticipated how much watching Ellen was going to factor as my reward for the effort. Tomorrow then.

As for today, perhaps a meander outside.

I did go for a short walk and during it the source of my previous anticipation became clear: I had sense-memoried an endorphin rush. Now if I can just remind myself that reliving one as the fruits of actual exercise would be better for me than just imagining one...


  1. Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end
    you're only screwing yourself. ;-)

  2. Ha ha.

    Actually I haven't been doing so badly...I'm not working out per se, but I'm stretching and getting more active every day. With the weather cooling down, it'll be easier to take that next step and keep working out... until I plateau. ;]

  3. So you don't think we can rely solely on "the Power of Thought" after all? Well, THAT sucks!

  4. Well, AJ certainly doesn't seem to think so. ;)