22 September 2005

Is writer's block contagious?

I've read some posts about other bloggers' dry spells recently, and some of my regular reads have been much less prolific of late. It feels like a collective lull. I do not plan to give in though.

Any writing is better than no writing (well maybe not for you) because persistence will lead back to inspiration. I have faith.


  1. I was thinking the same thing. I have definitely been less prolific as of late. I'm not sure what's up.

  2. Yeah, Claire (and Shane) - I have seen, and felt it, too - but I'm thinking: lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer (falla la) are over - It sure does influence me.

    I'm glad you intend to stick it out (or however that phrase is supposed to go) - In which case I'll try to hang in there, too!

  3. It's made me more aware of a communal aspect to blogging that I hadn't anticipated when I started out. For that reason, I will mush on, and maybe the inspiration I often find in other blogs, someone else will find rekindled here.

    Also, Rarity, yes, stick it out works fine. Tough it out would also work.