26 September 2005

Delivery spread- does that come with crackers?

Well, this is almost worse than the typical UPS it'll-be-delivered-between-8 AM-and-9 PM spiel. Now that I'm in the delivery spread, my stuff from Florida may arrive any time during the next 10 days. OK yeah, that is worse than UPS. Last week the coordinator had emailed that she'd have a delivery date for me by end of business day Friday- meaning last Friday. When I emailed today she still didn't have it. In theory she'll get info from the driver via dispatch so she can tell me a specific day. In theory the driver has to call me 24 hours in advance. I'm not counting on either.

Suddenly I feel unprepared for all this stuff to arrive. I keep remembering more of what's coming: a chest of drawers with clothes still in it, 4 large wood crates, my disassembled desk, and a bed that's not even mine. My hope had been to weed a great deal of it out to the trash or Salvation Army, but I'm starting to realize there's still going to be a lot of stuff left.

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