19 May 2005

Nature's lawn mowers!

On the way out to dinner we drove past the furry- or as I've been informed, more accurately woolly or hairy- baby animals I'd been seeing for a while. Tonight I could see them well enough to determine that they are baby goats, not baby sheep. Small, white, very cute.

On the way home, we took a different route and passed a yard with some ponies, a mostly black adult goat, and two white miniature or pygmy goats butting heads. If I'd just read that I'd picture the charge and tangle of horns whipping violently about, but in this case the little goats just sauntered up to one another and put their heads together to play or merely satisfy an itch they each had on the top of their heads. They were adorable.

In the yard of my dreams, I can imagine being greatly amused by a couple of laid back mini-goats.

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