04 May 2005

More School = More Reunions

It seems like every year is a reunion year these days. This year is my 10th reunion from college, which makes next year my 15th from high school, and the year after that my 10th from grad school. Considering how little I've accomplished, it doesn't seem possible that much time has passed, and yet many of my friends can spout litanies of marriage, babies, career advancement, and home ownership. To counter, I have joblessness, no ties, and an inability to choose and commit to a direction. I'm just not in the mood to repeat this over and over, so I'm skipping this year's event just like I skipped my 10th high school reunion.

In my optimistic mind's eye, 35 is when I'm confident, focused, and successful on my terms. It's been that way for a couple of years though, and I haven't changed much, so I'm not convinced I'll pull it off.

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