26 May 2005

Geek? Well, maybe according to some...

Treasure trove, originally uploaded by nomad claire.

These figures have been sitting on my desk for over a week waiting for me to shoot and then post about them. It was a comment I made yesterday on Nickerblog that finally spurred me to action; I realized that without thinking I'd acknowledged my love of sci-fi in a way that made me sound like a total geek. I don't think of myself as one even though I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy; I'm just a person that likes great stories in whatever form or genre they may take.

And now at the risk of sounding more geeky, I'll get back to the figures: I rescued them from a bag of other dolls, figures, and assorted plastic limbs that my mom found in her basement. For years, I've kept a lone storm trooper figure as a token of my affection for the early films. Not the best symbol perhaps, but it was all I had (I wasn't about to spend some obscene amount of money for some e-Bay still-in-the-box character- less geeky, right?). Anyway, that's why discovering Chewie and Obi-Wan was so cool to me even if Ben is missing his light saber. Also cool is reading the copyright info stamped into the plastic: they're all from 1977. Now if only I could find Han.


  1. i think the SW's theme is being over done everywhere!!

  2. Well, Arnold, that's understandable particularly if you didn't see the earlier movies as they came out originally.

    Give it some time; the web will seize upon some other theme soon enough (though I can't promise that I won't reminisce once in a while).