29 September 2010

Window portrait

I entered the room and saw Mom sitting on the edge of the recliner, leaning against the window sill. She was waiting for Dad to come back into view so she could yell another instruction to him.

"You look like a portrait," I exclaimed. Then my eyes darted over the scene, making quick assessments. It's really dark in here compared to outside. Lamp? No, wrong color temperature. Flash would kill everything I like about the light. Foreground would probably be all grainy. Oh well.

For a moment, I just stood and soaked the image into my brain.

Then I changed my mind and said, "Don't move," as I bounded out of the room to grab a camera.

The image isn't strictly what I was looking at. The walls in that room are white for heck's sake. However, the foreground was so dark it went black thereby sidestepping the potential noise issue. And the available light edging her body, that's what I wanted to capture.

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  1. What a neat picture! I love the way it turned out!

  2. Thanks very much! The take-away here is when you see light you like, shoot it! :)