14 April 2017

Life of Art SitRep #374 Varied Purple and White Stripes

Shot 54 photographs and 3 videos of water. Culled 43 photos, 1 video, and rated the remaining. Got really brutal in my second pass remembering other abstract water photographs that I have which I prefer more.

Worked on my archive a bit adding images to my 2016 portfolio through May of last year.

Created Varied Purple and White Stripes products for an assortment of home decor, mobile device cases, wrapping supplies, stationery, and other items:

Check out the rest of the collection of Varied Purple and White Stripes products.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Varied Purple and White Stripes pattern (posts next Tuesday).

Updated links and LOA files.

Added new purple stripes designs to Purple Geometric Gift Wrap Supplies collection:

How was your week?

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