31 March 2017

Life of Art SitRep #372 Resistance Bumper Stickers

This week, I created a Resistance Bumper Stickers collection:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Resistance Bumper Stickers collection.

Filed my taxes, huzzah!

Switched several Postcards from glossy to matte paper. The option is available on all of them.

Was going to switch some Cards but several seemed to be matte already. The option is available on all of them as well.

Added a twitter header banner to @RocklawnArts. Since it's responsive, abstract images work better than geometric patterns which can crop poorly on some screens.

Took a bit of jiggering but set up this collection to post tweets to @RocklawnArts:

Reorganized collections a bit.

Rated photographs in 19 folders from last year and culled 5 videos.

Apparently today is World Backup Day. Have you backed up lately? Do you have a copy of your files stored at another location or online in case of theft or disaster?

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