24 February 2017

Life of Art SitRep #367 Thwarted

The week started out well: I saw an exhibit of Japanese color woodblock prints. Such impressive detail, artistry, and technical expertise go into each print.

Shot 121 photographs at various locations. Culled 26, but have barely looked at most of them.

Did lesson 7 of LR PS classroom in a book. The face option in the Liquefy filter in Photoshop is crazy amazing.

Around here in my week (Sunday night), I became really ill and it basically knocked me out the rest of the week.

I promoted some products on Twitter and followed up on some display issues in my store.

Watched a few Chase Jarvis videos including "How Introverts Become Great At Promoting Their Work."

Updated links, LOA files.

How was your week? I sincerely hope it was healthier than mine. Here's to next week (fingers crossed) being better.

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