03 February 2017

Life of Art SitRep #364 More stripes and #NoMuslimBan

Though I felt really distracted this week, when I look back I still managed to get a fair amount done. Huzzah!

Show your support of religious freedom with #NoMuslimBan bumper stickers, t-shirts, pins, hat, magnets, and stickers:

Check out the whole collection of #NoMuslimBan products in my shop.

Shot 40 photographs of ice, culled 13. Shot a couple of videos.

Rated recent photos, and through March of 2016.

Finished creating Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes products:

Check out the collection of Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes products.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes pattern and also Popular #Resist and Protest Items which will post Saturday.

Made a Feminist sweatshirt and added it to the Feminist Gear collection, reorganized that a bit.

Reorganized collections.

Updated collections on blogs sidebars and shop tabs.

Updated LOA for end of month.

Updated links file.

Did lesson 5 of Lightroom/Photoshop book.

Finished reading Pop Photo Feb. 2016 issue. Yes, 2016. I think that was the last stray issue I had lying around. Maybe one more? sigh.

How was your week?

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