27 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #363 Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes

Brainstormed and drew out several text design variations with different sets of words. Tried out some layouts in Photoshop but decided to take a break from it since they weren't working out as I'd hoped.

Made a new Resist postcard, perfect for mailing your political representatives your thoughts:
Added it to #Resist Kit collection.

Started adding my new Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes pattern to items in my shop:

Check out the collection of Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes products, more to come!

Follow @RocklawnArts on Twitter to see new additions to my shop first.

Updated links file with new design.

Watched Creative Live class "Set You Income Goals and Develop a Revenue Strategy" with Megan Auman.

How was your week?

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