06 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #360 Before I take the plunge

My computer's been acting up more severely lately, so I can't keep putting off calling Apple about it and likely having to take it in which is a pain and hinders my work.

Before I try one last potentially crash inducing thing, I figured I'd better sum up the last week. I hope you all had a happy new year's eve/day.

This past week, I created a few more Resistance Starts Here products:

Created a Resistance Starts Here collection:

Made a #Resist poster and added it to the #Resist Kit collection.

Made a Double Rainbow Barcode 2017 Calendar Poster and added to the calendar poster collection:

Shot 14 photographs and 6 videos. Culled 5 photos and 6 icicle from previous shoots.

Edited a photograph in LR, didn't like it, reverted, and posted it earlier this week.

Updated a variety of files for the new year.

Updated LR © presets for 2017.

Updated © notices on TTaT and Rocklawn Arts blogs.

Updated Zazzle links file. (More time consuming than those four words would suggest.)

Read Popular Photography March 2016 issue.

Made end of month/year backups.

Have you backed up lately? Did you update your copyright notice on your blog?

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