30 December 2016

Life of Art SitRep #359 Resistance Starts Here

It's tempting to throw up your hands and say, "We lost, so there's nothing I can do," but it's not true. You can resist. You can stand up and make your voice heard. You can hold your elected officials accountable for their actions and let them know what you want done.

This is what has lead me to create the collection of #Resist products and to start a new line featuring the words: Resistance Starts Here. Because it does. It starts with us as individuals speaking up.

I think it's important to let people know that you stand against hatred and discrimination and to be a beacon for others to do the same.

I created several more #Resist products which you can see in the #Resist Kit collection:

Also created several Resistance Starts Here items with more to come:

Check out the growing collection of Resistance Starts Here products.

Reorganized collections and categories a bit.

How was your week?

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