25 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #354 Gingham Updates and Much Needed Art

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Though I'd been not much more than 2 weeks before, I went back to the museum and soaked in as much art and architecture as possible.

While there, I shot 369 photographs and 13 videos. (Culled 95 photos, 1 video.) Seeing art, creating it does my soul good.

Also created 128 other photographs during the week, culled 10, have some I haven't looked at yet.

Resized my gingham patterns so they'll repeat seamlessly on some products where that's an issue, like Fabric:

Also updated some previous versions:

See more Gingham Pattern Fabrics (as I type this they aren't all showing up as they should but hopefully that will be resolved soon).

Used my revised designs to create diagonal gingham gift wrap:

See the rest of the new gift wrap.

Updated Christmas Wrapping Supplies and Geometric Christmas Fabrics collections to include new gingham items:

How was your week?

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