18 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #353 Nasty Woman comes forth

I haven't created political products for my shop before, but it's helped me focus my anger and frustration over the election. If it yields money I can donate to causes to fight back, even better.

To that end, I created two new collections: Nasty Woman Gear and #NotMyPresident shirts, stickers, buttons, hats.

Also created a few more Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes items with diagonal candy stripes:

Created Geometric Christmas Fabrics collection:

Shot 44 photographs, culled 26.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes pattern, New #NotMyPresident shirts, stickers, buttons, hats collection, New Nasty Woman Gear Collection (posts later today), and New Geometric Christmas Fabrics collection (next Tues).

Updated links, LOA files with new designs.

Drew out some design ideas. Brainstorming.

Watched How to Fix Raccoon Eyes in a Photo, Perfect Photos with Matthew Jordan Smith.

How was your week?

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