04 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #351 New Red Lion Amaryllis Flower Photograph

Photography has been the main focus this week, mostly shooting and some editing. Spent an afternoon at a museum both soaking in the art and photographing the location. Good for my soul.

Shot 64 photographs, culled 38.

Culled 13 more photos from shoots last week but also made more panoramas, editing them a bit before exporting them to jpg.

Then I fell behind on my post work. I shot 375 photographs and 18 videos that I've uploaded but not looked at yet. D'oh!

However, I did finish editing a new photograph for my shop, Red Lion Amaryllis Flower:

Check out the collection of Red Lion Amaryllis Flower products.

Updated LOA and links file for new photo and end of month.

Rearranged collections some.

How was your week?

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