20 September 2016

Note to Self, vol. XXIII

Earl Grey Dark Chocolate by jelina chocolatier is extremely tasty! Also very good: Salted Almond Dark Chocolate by Theo and Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate by Chocolove.

The other chocolate treats I sampled were also tasty though I probably wouldn't get them again.

However, in future, do not nibble as much or as late because the sugar and no doubt caffeine will seriously fuck with your sleep.

Think I got 5 hours total, and not all at once.

It's about 22 hours later and I'm only now starting to come off that physical hum I associate with caffeine.

I guess "fair trade organic chocolate" is code for highly caffeinated.

On the upside, my newly low tolerance for sugar seems a good indicator I actually have kicked my sugar addiction. Even two years ago that would've seemed impossible.

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