15 July 2016

Life of Art SitRep #335 Pushing Against the Flood Gates

So many designs and photographs I'm excited to share with you that will be ready soon. Getting so close now. Next week, I hope!

Shot 82 photographs and ditched 52.

Created 5 new patterns and finished a watercolor painting repeat pattern.

Scanned a drawing in progress. Fingers crossed I won't botch it when I go to ink it. Clearly I'm concerned about that as it's been on my to do list for 3 days and I've yet to start.
Deuparth gwaith ei ddechrau. —Welsh Proverb
(Beginning is two-thirds of the work.)
Added some more photographs to my personal project's collection.

Making good headway through my second pass of photographs shot in 2016. Culled 23, made a new panorama, and I'm up to late June.

Created New Airy Light Blue and White Gift Wrapping Supplies Collection featuring coordinated geometric patterns on wrapping paper, tissue paper, and ribbon:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Airy Light Blue and White Gift Wrapping Supplies Collection. (It will be up next Tuesday.)

How was your week?

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