01 July 2016

Life of Art SitRep #333 That seems like a fortuitous number

With any luck tomorrow will be the last our street sees of the tree cutters, at least for a while. They will be back to grind stumps, but they also did a lot of work across the street so the neighbors may have them back to grind their stumps at some point. I'm looking forward to the weekend in any case.

Slightly less sleep deprived this week, so I feel like I got a bit more done. Let's see.

Shot 300 photographs and 30 videos of the tree mayhem outside. Ditched 128 photos and 14 videos.

In exciting news, to me at least, I finished culling my photographs from 2015! HUZZAH! Overall, I weeded out over 1200 or so. Worth doing.

I started doing another pass on my 2016 photographs and culled 39. Fingers crossed this will go progressively faster as I've gotten more ruthless with my initial edits.

Did some additional archival work for photographs and art scans.

Finished one and made progress on 2 digital scans of watercolor and gouache paintings. I'm massaging those so they will repeat correctly.

Also created two new collections for my shop:

Sleek Black and White Wrapping Paper collection:

and Checkered Pattern Gift Wrapping Supplies:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Sleek Black and White Wrapping Paper Collection and New Checkered Pattern Gift Wrapping Supplies Collection.

How was your week?

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