24 June 2016

Life of Art SitRep #332 The tree cutters!

Hmm, let's see.

I created 264 photographs and 17 videos, and then ditched 104 and 7, respectively. I created 1 horizontal and 6 vertical panoramas (I get such a kick out of that function in Lightroom. I wish the HDR option worked as well.).

From last year's photographs, I culled 139. I am so close to done with that task! Only four or five more folders to go.

From last week's shoot, I culled 90.

Did a bit of archive work on some drawings but realized they probably need further adjustments.

A slim week by the looks of it, but I think that was the right choice. I could've plowed ahead but I felt prone to making errors and I didn't want to botch something important.

Hopefully the tree cutters will finish Friday, or at least finish except for the stump grinding. There's at least one more trunk to come down and there's the piles and piles of trunk sections on both sides of the street to remove.

Someone suggested that my difficulty sleeping recently could be in part due to all of the allergens their cutting has kicked up and released. Definitely possible which makes me optimistic my rest will improve as they clear out. Fingers crossed. The all day chainsaw/truck rumble/wood chipping will eventually cease which will also improve my state of mind. (At least they provided interesting things to photograph.)

How was your week?

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